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Academic Subsidy Assistance Agreement

St. Stephen Catholic Community participates in the subsidy assistance program of the Diocese of Nashville. Parents whose children attend many of the area Catholic schools may request and receive parish subsidy assistance if the family demonstrates active participation in the faith life and faith formation of the parish by:

1. being registered at St. Stephen,
2. attending Sunday Eucharist at St. Stephen regularly,
3. completing and submitting the annual parish contribution pledge card,
4. contributing to the support of the parish by using parish contribution envelopes on a minimum of 30 Sundays during the previous calendar year.

Academic Subsidy Assistance Agreements are available at an annual meeting called by the Subsidy Assistance Team.* Completed agreements may be placed in the Sunday collection or mailed to the office, at which time the pastor is free to sign and forward the request card to the appropriate school. If not, then the Subsidy Assistance Team reviews the agreement, and makes a recommendation to the pastor. When making an annual parish contribution pledge (in the Easter season), families requesting parish assistance are asked to keep in mind the total subsidy cost to which the parish commits. The Subsidy Assistance Team is appointed by the pastor from parishioners who have personal experience with the Academic Subsidy Assistance Agreement.

(adopted as policy by the Parish Council of St. Stephen Catholic Community, April 25, 2007.)

*The annual meeting is scheduled in November, in the 32nd week of Ordinary Time.

Common Questions

White and blue “welcome” envelopes are available in the entrance brochure racks.

Welcome! Families are asked in the first year to agree in writing that the conditions will be met.

Many parishioners tithe by these means. Simply use the weekly envelope with a dollar or other nominal amount. And be aware that while our bread is made by parishioners, the wine used at the Sunday Eucharist is purchased from regular parish contributions. Let even that nominal amount be a prayer exercise as the gifts are presented at the altar. Using envelopes can be a great way to teach children about tithing.

In requesting parish subsidy for my (our) child(ren) to attend a Catholic parochial school or Nashville diocesan high school, I (we) understand and agree to:

• be registered at St. Stephen,
• attend Sunday Eucharist at St. Stephen regularly,
• complete and submit an annual parish contribution pledge card, and
• that if we do not contribute to the support of the parish by using parish contribution envelopes on a minimum of 30 Sundays during the coming year, we will not receive the subsidy next year.

(from the Academic Subsidy Assistance Agreement)
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