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Mission Statement of St. Stephen Catholic Community

We are called to serve God’s people through commitment to Christ and His Spirit. A shared enthusiasm for our Catholic faith permeates our daily lives. One community from diverse backgrounds, we desire to grow strong friendships in loving acceptance of all people. We seek to create a climate that challenges our spiritual growth through meaningful liturgy, prayer life, education and social activities. We strive to build ecumenical relationships and concern for social justice, We hope to be a community of believers that follows and spreads the Gospel, making a real difference.

Mission of Faithful Citizenship Ministry

Using the gospel message of Jesus Christ and Social Teachings of the Catholic Church, we are called to actively participate in shaping our society for the common good. Our mission is to provide opportunities for the faithful to learn about these teachings, raise awareness of issues that impact the dignity of all life and to encourage believers to take action in promoting social justice in our world.

We meet the second Tuesday of each month. For more information email Jennifer Crowe below.

Two Parts of Social Justice

Charity: Meets the immediate needs of persons and families. Charity treats the symptoms of social problems. Charity calls forth a generous response from individuals to respond to injustice.

Justice: goes beyond the ‘symptoms’ and questions social structures which attack human dignity, oppress people, and contribute to poverty in an effort to work toward long term social changes.

Principles of Catholic Social Teaching

  1. Life and Dignity of the Human Person

  2. Call to Community, Family, and Participation

  3. Rights and Responsibilies

  4. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

  5. Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers

  6. Solidarity

  7. Care for God’s Creation


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