Music Reading Workshop

Cassandra Saval will conduct a two-hour workshop on how to read music and improve your sight-reading skills on Saturday, July 11 from 1pm-3pm in the choir room.  This is open to the entire parish – all experience levels are welcome.  Cassie will cover the basics of how to understand the logic of musical notation – as well as tips on improving your sight-reading, and an overview of our great Catholic musical heritage from the Middle Ages to the present day.  Come learn how to enhance and deepen your participation in the liturgy!

St. Stephen e-cycling e-vent

The St. Stephen e-cycling e-vent is open to the families and friends of all members of the St. Stephen Catholic Community.  It will take place July 8-14, and collection boxes will be located in the northwest corner of the upper church parking lotItems accepted at this event include:  PC’s laptops, LED/LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, hard drives, CD/DVD drives, cables, circuit boards, CD/DVD players, etc. (a list can be found in the bulletin this weekend and also posted on the bulletin boards in the narthex).  Items that cannot  be accepted are:  large appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators), televisions and CRT monitors.  Contact:  Steve Cartier  at 615-902-9473 or

Prayer Blanket Class

A prayer blanket class will be offered for ages 6 thru adults on Saturday, July 11 from 10am to 12 noon in the hall of the Holy Family Center.  Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.  Learn to make a prayer blanket to give to someone in need.  Bring scissors and 1¼ yards of medium grade fleece.  Come and be a part of this wonderful ministry.  For more information, call Lorine Bourland 615-754-6899 or email

Catholics Returning Home Countdown

Top 10 Reasons to Come Back Home:  Leading up to our first Catholics Returning Home session in September, we are sharing the Top Ten Reasons to Come Back to the Catholic Church from Our Sunday Visitor.  Enjoy!    Number 9: Because childhood memories surface. Some people say childhood memories of feeling connected to God surface in later life. We begin to ask ourselves, “Is it possible to recapture that simplicity of faith? Can I ever really believe that God is watching out for me?” The secularization of our society leads people away from the spiritual side of themselves. The Catholic Church offers BOTH religious and mystical experiences that feed the heart, the mind, the body and the soul as well as an array of active lay ministries that interface and interact with the secular world in order to make it a holier world in which to live. If you have been away from the Catholic Church, welcome back home!   We miss you!  If you have a relative, friend, neighbor or co-worker who has been away from the Church, we need your help, please invite them back.  To help update Catholics that have been away from regular participation in church life, we will offer a 6-week Catholics Returning Home session starting on Sept. 10.  Get details from the cards on the poster in the Old Church.  Contact Jerry Marcec or 630-362-7150 to register or for more information.


Haiti Sewing Workshop

Collections for the Haiti Sewing Workshop are ongoing through the summer months.  Gently used or new pillowcases, grosgrain and satin ribbons are needed, as well as gently used boys sized shorts and tee-shirts.    Pillowcase dresses made from the donated pillowcases are sent for distribution to little girls in our Petit Goave sister parish.  The collected boys-sized shorts and tee-shirts accompany the little dresses when the shipment goes to Haiti next April.  Thank you for your donations.  They can be placed in the designated collection box located in the old church area.  Sewing workshops are scheduled this year as follows:  2015 – Sept. 19, Oct. 24, Dec. 12; 2016 – Jan. 9, Feb. 13, March 19 – all Saturdays, beginning at 10am.  For more info about donations or the workshops, contact Bettyann (615-883-3422) or Linda (615-883-5961).


Are you considering becoming a Christian?  Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic faith?  Perhaps you are searching quietly and need some answers.  If you are looking for a pressure-free, non-judgemental environment where you can find answers, please call Scott Goudeau at 758-2424, Ext. 30, or email

St. Stephen Prayer Blanket Ministry

St. Stephen has a new ministry.  We make fleece blankets for those who are seriously ill, injured, confined to either home, hospital or nursing home.  They are made prayerfully, blessed and given to express caring and concern from St. Stephen Catholic Community for our parishioners, their immediate family members or their close friends.  The following prayer is sewn on each blanket:  “May the Risen Christ bless you with HOPE, COURAGE, and PEACE.  St. Stephen Catholic Community holds you in prayer and covers you with love.”  If you know of someone who would benefit from receiving a Prayer Blanket, call or email Lorine Bourland 615-754-6899; Elaine Bustillos 615-758-8303; Joyce Davis 615-754-6899; Bettyann Tompson 615-883-3422; or Janet Youmans 615-525-3920

Pray the Rosary in the Prayer Garden

A group will be gathering in the prayer garden this summer on Thursday evenings at 7pm, led by Carol Orman and Cassandra Saval, to pray the rosary.  All are welcome – and if you are new to the rosary, or if it’s been awhile since you’ve prayed the rosary and you need a refresher – we’ll provide you with an instructional booklet and show you how to experience this beautiful meditation that allows us to walk through the life of our Lord through the eyes of his mother.

Fortnight for Freedom

The United States Bishops have asked the parishes throughout the country to conduct Fortnight activities again this year.  Fortnight for Freedom is a period of time where all Catholics are asked to pray for religious freedom in this country without governmental actions negatively impacting on the Catholic Church’s beliefs, practices, and dogma.  St. Stephen Council 9282 will host daily rosary in support of this activity at 6:15pm from June 21 to July 3.  Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, inclement weather or temps 90 degrees or higher in the chapel; all other times, look for the cross.  Prayer services will be held roadside at the cross.  Participants should provide their own rosaries and chairs.  Rosary cards will be available.  Hats, umbrellas recommended for shade.  Any questions, please contact Bill Walsh at 615-513-6369 or

Charism Small Group

Those who participated in the recent Called and Gifted Workshop will meet to further explore the charism of their choice.  There are four sessions, and we will meet on Saturday mornings from 9am to 11am in Room 105 on July 18, and Aug. 1.  If you have attended the workshop and had an interview and would like to be part of this group, please contact Francie Duffield at 758-2424.