2014 Pictorial Directory


Our Pictorial Directory is underway!  Photograph appointments began this week and will continue through July.  Additional dates have been added in August (Aug. 12-16).  You can sign up at the table in the old church after all the Masses, or sign up online by clicking on the following website and follow the directions:


All who participate will receive a free 8×10 color portrait and a picture directory.  Capture those memories!


Fall Festival 2014

Save the Date for the St. Stephen Fall Festival 2014.  It will be held on Saturday, Sept. 20.  For additional information, go to http://fallfestival.saintstephencommunity.org/


K of C Treasure Hunt

It’s Begun!  The St. Stephen K of C Treasure Hunt and Yard Sale is underway.  The Yard Sale will be Sept. 5 (7am to 7pm) and Sept. 6 (7am to 2pm).  What we need now are donations.  Donations of items can be made after all Masses beginning July 26.  Look for the PODS in the upper parking lot.  What we can take:  jewelry, home décor, kitchenware, large and small appliances, holiday décor, books, audiocassettes, toys, games and baby items, garden and yard items, sports equipment, furniture, crafts, shoes, clothing, etc.  Sorry, we cannot take mattresses, baby cribs, baby car seats, old-style TVs, monitors, broken items needing repair.  *No Consignments.   If you have large items and need them to be picked up or wonder if we’ll take an item, please call Dave VanDeGejuchte at 615-268-9094 or Bob Young at 615-772-6402.

Fall Festival

Calling all St. Stephen Fall Festival Stage Entertainers!  God gives us all special talents, so let’s share them!  If you have a talent such as comedy, magic, singing, dancing, playing guitar, piano, or any musical instrument and are interested in performing for this year’s St. Stephen 2014 Fall Festival, then please join us for the celebration.  The festival will be held on Saturday, Sept. 20.  To sign up or for more information about stage performances, please contact:  Amanda White at ambaranski@yahoo.com or (615) 579-7490.


Catholics Returning Home

Catholics Returning Home Countdown: Top 10 Reasons to Come Back Home.  Leading up to our first Catholics Returning Home session in September, we are sharing the Top Ten Reasons to Come Back to the Catholic Church from Our Sunday Visitor.  Enjoy!  Number 7: Because we need to forgive others.  Sometimes we hold on to anger and resentment toward individuals who have hurt us deeply. Maybe it was a family member or friend. Maybe it was someone or something in the Church. Our modern culture condones and encourages anger and revenge. But hatred and bitterness are spiritual cancers that eat at the heart of a person. The Catholic Church provides the opportunity to seek God’s help in forgiving others, even when the other person does not ask for forgiveness or does not deserve it. The ability to forgive is a gift that opens a person’s heart more fully to God’s love and peace.  If you have been away from the Catholic Church welcome back home!    We miss you!   If you have a relative, friend, neighbor or co-worker who has been away from the Church, we need your help.  Please invite them back. To help update Catholics that have been away from regular participation in church life, we will offer a 6-week Catholics Returning Home session starting on September 11th.  Get details from the cards on the poster in the Old Church.  Contact Jerry Marcec marcecjj@yahoo.com or 630-362-7150 to register or for more information.


Christmas in July

KCLA will be sponsoring Christmas in July to benefit Caring Choices.  Most needed items are:  larger diapers size 4 and above, wipes, onesies and sleep/play clothing in newborn size.  Please place items under the tree in the old church any time during the month of July.

Burn the Mortgage Campaign – Stories of Giving

Rhonda Clark

Rhonda Clark and her Service Assistance Dog Art II

Rhonda Clark has been a member of St. Stephen Catholic Community since 2004 and lives by the words her grandfather shared with her before he died:

 “Go after what you want.
Don’t hurt anyone in the process.
Make a difference.
Believe in God.
And you will be ok.”

 Rhonda has overcome physical and financial adversity many times in her life, but following these words, she has been able to find solutions and to achieve her goals.  She has donated to the St. Stephen capital campaigns because she does not believe in debt and she wants her church to be free of that burden.  Rhonda knows about debt, because she has had a courageous battle to get out of debt related to thousands of dollars in medical bills.  To free herself from that debt, she gave up cable TV and eating out and managed her spending to a budget.  After being laid off she worked three part-time jobs and was able to pay off that debt in 38 1/2 months.

Rhonda wants the same feeling of freedom from debt for the church that she loves.  So a friend who was moving to New York gave her $1,000.  Rhonda proceeded to donate $400 to the St. Stephen Capital Campaign, $400 to Canine Companions and $200 to Cerebral Palsy Inc.   She believes that by stepping out to help the greater good, you get much more than you ever give.  This required Rhonda to give up a want to meet a need and she will continue to give what she can to help St. Stephen Burn the Mortgage.

After all, this is what Rhonda’s grandfather would want her to do and she lives by his words.  Please join Rhonda by giving or pledging to reduce the debt of our church so that together we can continue to make a difference in our community.  Let’s Heat Up the Summer of 2014 and Burn the Mortgage!!


Help Us Plan

Will you be making a pledge or payments (in the monthly pink envelopes) to the Burn the Mortgage Campaign?  Please let us know by filling out a pledge card and dropping it in the collection basket or mail to:  St. Stephen Catholic Community, 14544 Lebanon Rd., Old Hickory, TN  37138.  You can also set up Online Giving in the right hand column on our website (www.saintstephencommunity.org).   Thank you for your continued generosity in helping us reduce our debt.

Online Giving

Online Giving to the church is now available through our website.  Click on the Online Giving button located on the right side.  Make electronic payments the easy way – you control the amount, the frequency, and how your donation is distributed.  All of your information goes through you, not the office.  Try it out!

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